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Our aim is to help you know yourself better, nourish yourself to flourish, and live a complete
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Some Of Our Salient Features

We feel wonders with everything, ocean, waves, sky, clouds, butterflies, birds, and many more. Nature nurtures our inner beings. And this art to feel the wonders keeps our pure essence like an innocent child.

Neo Fusion Farming

Intensive Research-based, Innovative Farming pattern to have a harmonious approach with nature.

50+ Yrs of Experience

Unique experience gifted from our ancestors and knowledge gained by modern science, help us provide good quality products.

Climate Awareness

Regular contend with wet/dry events and hospitable events making land have adequate precipitation and moderate temperature.

NutritionDense Product

High analysis of carbon-rich inputs, accelerating microbes activity guarantees high nutritional value in our products.

Individual Approach

Regular measuring the plant sap / pH and foliar sprays for the missing minerals is done manually for healthy and lush growth.

Green Guarantee

Addition of the right suits of minerals at the right time of the growing stage, guarantees good quality products.


What Our Client Says

"I have tried the Holistic products. The richness in flavors and the freshness in quality are something we now cherish in our daily food. Thank you Holistic Soul for a great product"

Dr. JigneshBhai Prashnani

Ph.D, Author, Lecturer

"My family and I do eat Holistic Products in our daily life. It not only impacts our health in a positive way but also makes us feel energized. I definitely recommend Holistic Products"

Sumi Ajmera

Founder  - DigitalVTalks, KIRTAAR, Digital Strategist

Primitive Tea
Sip of Morning Madness
The blend of rich taste, good health and never forgeting aroma makes this tea extraordinary. A unique tea made for all the "Chai Lovers"
Primitive Bath Salt
With Real Lavender Buds
Relax your body and mind, relieve headaches and muscle cramps, get sound sleep, control stress and anxiety with this "Secret Formula"
Sugarcut - Beat the Sugar
Special Tea for Diabetes
Premium grade green tea with Costus Pictus tea, rich and perfect to cut down Diabetes within 3 months. Provides the care to "Control Sugar Level"
Green Tea
Rich in Antioxidants
Helps to distress and soothes and calms your system, increases metabolism. Warm the emotions, sharpen your senses with this "Daily Treat"
Natural Green Powders
Natural Healthy Herbs
Booster of vitamins, minerals, and bioactive plant compounds. improves metabolic heath, increases Immunity and prevents "Premature Aging"

Product Details

Primitive Tea

Calling for your morning madness. The tea which is the best blend of taste, color and right ingredients.

Primitive Salt

Untouched pure essentials with the calming aroma. Relax with this MINERAL-RICH PRIMITIVE SALT THERAPY created a million years ago. Treat yourself with this purple blossom for mind, body, and soul.

Sugarcut Green Tea

Beat the sugar, beat Diabetes. The green tea which is insulin plant leaf tea.

Healthy Seeds

These premium quality roasted seeds are concentrated sources of many health-benefiting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential amino acids. They are packed with fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Natural Green Powder

The Holistic Soul Natural powders are rich with Natural Healthy Herbs, giving perfect taste to nourish our body. They contain good amount of essential vitamins, minerals and many bio-active plant compounds.

Green Tea

Holistic Soul Green Tea are packed in three different flavors: lemon & honey, lemongrass and tulsi.

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